英語のトレーニングについて、いろいろと試しています。 効果のあったものを少しずつ載せていきたいと思います。
2008年10月05日 (日) 22:33 | 編集


なぜ日本人は学ばなくなったのか (講談社現代新書 1943) (講談社現代新書 1943)
≫ "「なぜ日本人は学ばなくなったのか」を読みました。" の続きを読む...
I bought a new mobile phone!
2007年04月20日 (金) 00:58 | 編集
This week, I bought a new mobile phone. This is the third mobile phone for me.
 This mobile phone has music player. I already have  a MP3 player.  This mobile phone music player is for the backup.

 By the way, Softbank mobile phone is expensive. Because of a sales clerk's  talk, I decided to buy this moblie phone.

 My wife was surprised at this brand new mobile phone. Becasue she thought I bought free of charge mobile phone.

Softbank mobile phone 813T
An Earthquake occured !
2007年03月25日 (日) 23:19 | 編集
 An earthquake occured . When I  slept in my house, the earthquake occured in today's morning. Windows in my house rattled. And beams in my house creaked. I was afraid my house broke. But there was no damage except for falling down books and video cassettes from bookshelves in my room.

 I  went to my offce and I patroled the road to check the condition of roads. To my relief, there was no damage.

 After the earthquake, train stopped, expressway  and airport in Toyama was closed.Many worker on public transportation checked  their facilities.

 There is few earthquake in Toyama. But I should prepare for an earthquake.
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